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Sunday, December 19, 2010

hobovogue on hiatus .

I know, sad times. Hobovogue shall be on hiatus for a bit because
1. It's F.I.N.A.L.S.week (Frick I Never Actually Learned Shit).
2. My laptop died (meaning loss of all prior hobovogue memories... I don't know how to feel about this).
3. My camera's lost downtown in NYC aka gone forever.

So until I get a new camera / laptop / etc there won't be posts for a while!
But some early new years resolutions in case I don't get to that post either:
 re-format weekly postings on here to have some more structure, do more DIY posts and how-tos,
outfit layouting via photoshop, and more designer features / fashion spreads along with outfit posts! :) 

Until next time, 

Friday, December 3, 2010

carpet and rug inspired

dress - old navy | "coat" - junk | tights - tjmaxx? | wedges & gloves - f21

Same pose different photos thanks to strange lighting issues when you wake up early (hemmm actually it was 8 am so not that early) on Sundays (this was taken 11/27).
I know "carpet and rug inspired" doesn't sound the most fashionable but it's winter and sometimes I get cold (rarely though...). I've been wearing these fringed hobo-like purple and black striped fingerless gloves everywhere, they're so practical and actually do provide a fair amount of warmth. 

Now the jacket. It comes from Junk, Williamsburg, and who knows where they found this piece of magic. It's like my magic carpet ride except in semi-coat form and with tassel-like ends on the arms and even a strange rug-like collar. Way too amazing to pass up, ever. The texture is basically... like a rug. Semi-furry actually. Hmmmm delightful right? Also note the new addition to my shoe army, 2 inch platform and a 5.5 inch wedge, potentially the most comfy pair of platforms to exist and gosh they add some much-needed height :)

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

silhouettes and colors

shirt - thrfited | leggings - forever 21 | boots - alice & olivia for payless | fingerless gloves - american eagle

Love fall colors and shirts with cool silhouettes. And warm boots :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

gloves boots and some sheer cheer

gloves - american eagle | tunic & slip - vintage | boots - steve madden | nail polish - f21 & wet n wild

Spent Thanksgiving at my friend Zara's! Her room is the prettiest shade of green ever.... Anyway, dug through my closet for clothes that wouldn't scare off her family. First impressions, right? Ended up picking out my cozy slouchy brown boots from Steve Madden - you just can't go wrong, and this iridescent tunic dress. Funny thing is though my friend actually has like 10 versions of this tunic kaftan thing in her closet except less sheer and in brighter colors, hahaha .... anyway. Nail painting is so therapeutic in the mornings when you finally have time to just wind down... the red is Cherry from Forever 21, and I layered on some Kaleidoscope from Wet n' Wild (like a dollar from any drugstore!). Hmmm sparkles phase isn't over yet...feeling too festive ha.

Monday, November 22, 2010

denim, faux fur, autumn morning spectrums

jacket - thrifted | dress & bag - forever 21 | necklace - gift from my sister

All I need to say is that this jacket is undeniably my favorite winter item at the moment. The faux fur lining is detachable and can be worn by itself (applies to denim outside too... anyway).

Sunday, November 21, 2010

dorm exposé & sheer dots

jacket - urban outfitters | tunic shirt & shoes - thrifted | running shorts - ? | necklace - vintage & diy

Columbia is bearable in Morningside (Boringside) Heights because my room is oh so cozy when it comes to fall/winter time. Ikea lights and sheer mesh curtains, balloons, and dalmatian blankets ... ha. Anyway! One of my stranger outfits this past week, didn't really have time to get dressed in the morning... or look in the mirror apparently. I mean, orange-red and sea green don't really look amazing together.

But my sheer dotted tunic! In love. It's like a size 3x or something ridiculous that is way oversize (as seems to be the trend with my clothing choices recently) but I can move around SO easily in it and it's lightweight. I mean it's cold but I'm always running late to things so I actually don't ever feel too cold since I'm ... running. Late. To activities / classes / appointments. Hmmmmmm haha.

Oh and if you're interested, sort of reminiscent in this ... I think 2008? Sonia by Sonia Rykiel dotted tee:

Thursday, November 18, 2010

my harry potter blazer

tie die dress & harry potter blazer- salvation army | shoes - steve madden | backpack - roxy

In honour (ha) of the Harry Potter movie coming out I'm posting this schoolgirl-ish outfit from last week. School girl in the sense that my jacket has some sort of crest on it and really cool shiny buttons to make it look fancy even though it's not too fancy of a blazer...hehe. But I do feel smarter when I wear it. Not intentionally but good morale-boosting right? Anyway paired with this boho tie die dress I also pulled from the Chelsea salvation army during this summer.... and 5 inch Steve Maddens. Can't go wrong with a tapered heel to add major height and some studs for rockstar status (in my head at least).

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

silk pastels and bandaged boots

coat & oversized silk shirt - 96th st thrift store | leggings - forever 21 | boots - alice & olivia for payless  | accessories - f21, h&m

Nothing like leggings to make outfits less... wintery and more chic, right? I love layering oversized shirts over leggings and adding some tall shoes (hemmm wedges with 5 inches!) to add some heights. This shirt is so comfy thanks to the oversize and silky material. It's flowy too and creates a really interesting, loose sense of movement. The print was really unique and colorful... hobo happiness right? 

Friday, November 12, 2010

blanket hoodies and cloud prints

popcorn jacket -thrifted | shirt - vintage | boots - thrifted | skirt - f21 | rings & necklace - f21

Found this strange looking popcorn-textured hoodie at the thrift store last year and never wore it once until... well, 2 days ago. The weather's getting pretty nasty as in bitterly cold here even though it can be cloudless and gorgeous out... ohhh deceptive blue skies. Anyway, this jacket is SO ridiculously warm. It hugs my arms so tightly (it actually makes them look kind of fat because it's such a thick fabric) and feels like a blanket... whee.  Nothing like staying warm and cozy to make the onset of winter more bearable ... even exciting :)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

splashes of rainbow

dress - intermix | boots - steve madden | trench - vintage | hooded jacket - f21 | bag - roxy

Nothing like spring colors to brighten up cold and wet rain days. Found this brilliant red trench at a vintage store somewhere last year and fell in love - the sleeves are slightly short but the silhouette is gorgeous, and it's definitely a classic that can be worn anytime.  It has these strange pearly-gold double breasted buttons adding that extra touch, and it's the perfect length to layer over dresses ...or even other rainjackets. If only it were hooded! Sigh. At least it has convenient pockets?

The silk rainbow dress is pretty much shapeless but since it's worn under the coat it really doesn't matter. In movement it's probably the closest thing you'll ever come to seeing floating rainbows in action... ha. Rainbow fetish satisfied =)

Monday, November 8, 2010

coat check?

coat - thrifted | tunic dress - jcp | shoes - diy payless | necklace - wet seal | belt - mommy's

Not much to say except this coat keeps me warm. It's hooded and long and so cruella like but way cooler... faux fur sleeves too. Everything I'm looking for in a winter jacket =) 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

vintage suede jackets

jacket - thrifted | skirt - express | scarf - gifted | boots - steve madden | chain - vintage

Found this incredible suede jacket at the thrift store and it's so perfect for fall. Thankfully my body doesn't get cold easily so fall = skirt & boots basically everyday for me.. haha so boring. But somehow the saturated colors of this skirt and scarf just make me really happy =) Also did I mention how incredible the silhouette of this suede jacket is? It's fitted at the bottom but has a really roomy backside. Hmm no photos unfortunately of the back... will do next time :)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween 2010 : little red riding hood

Ran into my friend Shelly at my favorite 96th street thrift shop and tried on crazy clothes with her. Amongst the finds... polka dotted red dress + top that I wore as a semi-cape / hood combo for Halloween. Dug around my shoeboxes where I store useless things such as these strange floral tights (I'd never wear these probably on a normal day unless my inner Gossip Girl violently burst out from me... dear god lets hope that never happens) and finally put them to good use. Wet Seal wedges as always :) 

Anyway I'm really loving the draped effect of my skirt-cape. Which I'm actually going to wear on a regular basis I've decided once I chop off enough of the top to make a hood out of it to attach to the skirt... diy excitedness! Except I probably won't do this until I feel like I have nothing to wear again :( 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

coats and balloons

dress -
urban outfitters | shoes - steve madden | coat - thrifted | necklace - laila rowe

I found the comfiest and warmest coat, HOODED, from my regular upper west side thrift store the othe day. Chopped off a good 5 inches form the bottom (it was looking too granny) and we're good to go... played Sunday dress up before proceeding to some semi-depressing bouts of reading and cramming. Whee. Nothing like being dressed up to kickstart some crazy studying.

OH and those balloons are from Columbia's homecoming game, which we lost, as usual. Yikes. :[

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bathroom break & electric shock

top - Angel Street Thrift | necklace - MJ | bottoms & rings - f21 | boots - thrifted 

Grabbing some homework in the VERY far away International Affairs Building and made a quick trip to the bathroom. I guess this is how my mind works - cool mirrors, cool lighting, wait, cool moment for photos! Good thing is hardly anyone ever goes inside this ghost of a bathroom so I had 10 minutes to spare before running off to the next class and these are the results. Funny how these 10 minutes were probably the best 10 minutes of my day yesterday.