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Thursday, April 1, 2010

sarah's lair / the closet

welcome to the vogue closet / DUNGEON where we do all of our grunge work :] but the lighting and views are beautiful, not gonna lie... and the occasional trying on of crazy jackets = highlights of my days on the 18th floor.

also there was this amaziinngg warehouse sale in williamsburg a few weekends ago at amarcord vintage fashion. me and my roomie went and diiied; she got a pair of crazy boots for $3!!! my blouse here is from the sale at $5... crazy huhh? and i got these amazing chain belts that i've been wearing as necklaces, love love love. needless to say i won't be shopping for a while... but everything was european designed/made and just so well crafted, so vintage, but so unique and perfectly hobo vogue . I DIED . :):) (in a good way obviously) i might have a post coming up just about the haul... ohhh and my siriano shoes arrived at payless. will pick up tomorrow and find a way to post their fabulousness onto this blog for sure!