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Thursday, April 29, 2010

my man shoes

haha okay. so i was on a thrift adventure a month ago and found these awesome manshoes that weigh just about 10 pounds or so. they're really cool, i promise. also, i love cherry seltzer and grocery shopping (it took me 20 minutes to buy just cherry seltzer, no joke. i'm super indecisive.)

and no i'm not over my ring phase just yet ... sorry for the repetitiveness i just think they're too cool . and not to rant on and on but forever21 has released four more connector rings o.0 would obsessively collect but... i can't...

where? 115th street and 114th b/t broadway and riverside drive | the trusty ol' morton williams | dorm.

jacket - vintage | jeans - express | shoes - thrifted, $5 [practically brand new might i add]
bracelet - diy, headbands | cuff - wet seal | rings - f21 | locket - present from aunt :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

lost in florals and hyper-romanticism

when i first saw h&m's garden collection, i was a little wary of the quality of its pieces. i mean, the pricing was... so ... cheap, i had my doubts. plus we all know what wonders photoshop can create, so i wasn't too trusting of the site images of all the pieces... but then i saw it in stores later, and was sooo so sad that i missed out on the long sleeve tunic dress because i came too late. some of the pieces are iffy, some aren't, but i'm a sucker for florals, aka the whole h&m collection.

top - h&m garden collection, $20? | skirt - intermix warehouse sale, $20 | white crop jacket - charlotte russe, $5
accessories [rings, cuff, necklace]  - f21, $4-$12 | belt - mommy's closet

and then today i discovered erdem. london based designer from 2006 whose collection can be bought (or just appreciated) at barneys... and whose 2009 spring collection was beautiful. so feminine and artistic; apparently, erdem was going for a "hyper-romantic" look inspired by a midsummer's night dream. sold. definitely inspiration worthy and one of my new obsessions.... just check out all the amazing detailing and how some of his dresses just flow.... pictures below from please excuse the messy cropping and low res. promise i'll sneak into the show next time and take cooler pictures (ha) .

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

ring obsession

yes i admit i have a ring obsession but they make your fingers look so cool.
sometimes i swear i feel naked if i'm not wearing my rings :[
and since f21 just posted this earlier tonight / today morning :

heart rod connector ring. i die... just a little.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

welcome to ... hobovogue

so i couldn't focus at all  yesterday and decided to make the most of my chewing gum wrappers and (cluttered) workspace... i need to clean. sigh my clutter never seems to the way check out that 1803 nickel. now that's real vintage! haha.. and obviously my signature oversized-forehead stick figures are a must. meet cookie greeter, he's my new best friend.

update 04.27.10:  apparently that coin isn't as cool as i thought it was. oh nickel, you disappoint me :[

Friday, April 23, 2010

subway adventures and greenwich

was sent to greenwich yesterday on a trip and encountered the coolest assortment of findings ever. bubble lounge with sofas and armchairs outside, the issey miyake store, cool alleyways, and awesome window displays everywhere. love.

oh and obviously those really cool hobo objects that i would die for. aka abandoned random chair on elevated platform by the elevator entrance to a building ... on franklin street i think.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

french silk shirts and tennis shoes

vogue day (tuesday). meaning potentially a lot of runs and walking through the city... but of course also a chance to wear my tennis shoes ! (didn't think my tacky pink gel shoes would make the cut for the office...) i loveee this shirt the collar / cuff with rainbow stripes = sooo my thing. shirts are always so simple to toss on... perfect for a warm spring day .

photos on my way to kcd (along 14th and 15th st/7th through 9th ave)
second to last one at the subway station
silk shirt - vintage amarcord | skort - banana republic | ring / bangle - forever 21
necklace  - marc by marc jacobs | bucket bag - forever 21 | shoes - payless??

Thursday, April 1, 2010

williamsburg, brooklyn .

 i did spend my whole summer in williamsburg last year . but i never did really get to appreciate it as much as i should have, what with all the incredible places to eat at, anytime (o.m.g. i die), and even vintage thrift stores that i was completely clueless about . amarcord had its warehouse sale two weekends ago and me and my roomie destroyed it... ha. need evidence? check out those huge plastic bags [ totally hobo stylin it. ]

yeah that's my crazy roommate aka squid. :]

these were just a few snapshots after we got off the subway. such a crazily artistic neighborhood i think i might live there this summer... if i find a job / internship / something to do in the city... :) anyway love love love graffiti. always have and always will. it's the perfect integration of passion and creativity, art at its finest ... vogue in hobo form as i see it. actually i just love brooklyn, anything street styled to the max and beyond.

sarah's lair / the closet

welcome to the vogue closet / DUNGEON where we do all of our grunge work :] but the lighting and views are beautiful, not gonna lie... and the occasional trying on of crazy jackets = highlights of my days on the 18th floor.

also there was this amaziinngg warehouse sale in williamsburg a few weekends ago at amarcord vintage fashion. me and my roomie went and diiied; she got a pair of crazy boots for $3!!! my blouse here is from the sale at $5... crazy huhh? and i got these amazing chain belts that i've been wearing as necklaces, love love love. needless to say i won't be shopping for a while... but everything was european designed/made and just so well crafted, so vintage, but so unique and perfectly hobo vogue . I DIED . :):) (in a good way obviously) i might have a post coming up just about the haul... ohhh and my siriano shoes arrived at payless. will pick up tomorrow and find a way to post their fabulousness onto this blog for sure!