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Thursday, April 29, 2010

my man shoes

haha okay. so i was on a thrift adventure a month ago and found these awesome manshoes that weigh just about 10 pounds or so. they're really cool, i promise. also, i love cherry seltzer and grocery shopping (it took me 20 minutes to buy just cherry seltzer, no joke. i'm super indecisive.)

and no i'm not over my ring phase just yet ... sorry for the repetitiveness i just think they're too cool . and not to rant on and on but forever21 has released four more connector rings o.0 would obsessively collect but... i can't...

where? 115th street and 114th b/t broadway and riverside drive | the trusty ol' morton williams | dorm.

jacket - vintage | jeans - express | shoes - thrifted, $5 [practically brand new might i add]
bracelet - diy, headbands | cuff - wet seal | rings - f21 | locket - present from aunt :)


  1. love this post :D
    great blog :D
    loving the posts
    stop by some time! xx

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  3. Love the pictures in the grocery store! lol

  4. Love your jacket so much!! You have such a great style! xoxoxoxo

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