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Thursday, April 1, 2010

williamsburg, brooklyn .

 i did spend my whole summer in williamsburg last year . but i never did really get to appreciate it as much as i should have, what with all the incredible places to eat at, anytime (o.m.g. i die), and even vintage thrift stores that i was completely clueless about . amarcord had its warehouse sale two weekends ago and me and my roomie destroyed it... ha. need evidence? check out those huge plastic bags [ totally hobo stylin it. ]

yeah that's my crazy roommate aka squid. :]

these were just a few snapshots after we got off the subway. such a crazily artistic neighborhood i think i might live there this summer... if i find a job / internship / something to do in the city... :) anyway love love love graffiti. always have and always will. it's the perfect integration of passion and creativity, art at its finest ... vogue in hobo form as i see it. actually i just love brooklyn, anything street styled to the max and beyond.

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