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Monday, May 31, 2010

walls, mcdonalds, & columbus circle


my day in pictures after battery park sunbathing:
coolest deteriorating wall ever on 28th and 6th.
[out of focus, sorry... blame my silly point and shoot]
officially the best  mcdonalds (leather chairs??) on 56th and 8th.
columbus circle - its beauty speaks for itself.

simple little details

pretty boring outfit actually, but chelsea-piers ready. the beading and braiding on the back of this tank make me really happy. super lightweight cloth and perfect for summer days, so the black isn't too bad... my bird necklace reminds me of miumiu's coveted swallow print... hah. if taken by chelsea piers and up along 59th street by the hudson. i love summer.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

feathers and florals

put on the crazy black boots because the outfit was too girly without. sometimes you just need to tone down the overpowering femininity exuded by a beautiful blouse....again, forever 21. caught some interesting lighting in my room with the curtains / shutters ... and love how the blouse shows up in the last photo. thankfully my 7 megapixel point and shoot really works wonders when i need it to. i'm in love with my blazer, sorry for the repetitiveness but it just goes so well with everything i have...

Friday, May 28, 2010

just a vintage glow

yes, the outfit pics are edited a bit to add a vintage-esque touch to them. basically adjusting saturation contrast etc, really basic stuff, i'm pretty clueless with photoshop or whatnot actually (use gimp, don't have the program). a lot of my friends and some readers ask me whether i edit photos - i have a point and shoot, so yes, i play with brightness and contrast usually to make my photos as clear/real as possible . wish i had a good camera but to be honest, i don't know how to use a lens. it's next on my to-do list though! photography is just such a powerful art form and i desperately lust to learn...experimented with pics an hr apart with lots of sun coming in though at both times. the top has a faux-denim trim and is so lightweight, perfect for the 90 degree weather that hit nyc Thursday. kept accessories light since metal attracts heat/ my usual heap of jewelry would have melted me.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

wandering in williamsburg

if you can't tell already, i love brooklyn. especially williamsburg. it's hipster, but much more than that...just simply hip, imo. quite the galvanizing graffiti, perfectly stimulating window displays, and just one of a kind structures everywhere. if you live in/near nyc i promise you a visit won't disappoint. 

[1] not williamsburg, but in west village - sweetheart bakery/cafe. sorry just like this photo.
[2] bedford ave station, L train - so many bikes!got me excited.
[3] amazing structures to the left of blue bottle coffee, stop #1 in wiliamsburg..
[4] another awesome structural window display, to the left of structures in #3
[5] crossing the bridge. paint is red but so perfectly faded to a weary & chipped pink...
[6] glimpse of amazing graffiti. so vibrant. proof that williamsburg = hip-chic.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"deuces" - chris brown inspired

chris brown's music video "deuces" came out a few days ago, and i've been shamelessly watching it on repeat, non-stop,  for at least 2 days now. directed by colin tilley... it's so aesthetically alluring that i was inspired to have my own shoot by the river and hopped off to the chelsea piers Tuesday night to try to re-capture the ethereal quality of the video. shot in black and white...the movement, silhouettes, and timing of everything in it is sososooo visually perfect and captivating, harmoniously synced with the rhythm of the beats. i could go on and on about the energy of the dancing, carefully shot and edited for the perfect focus at every moment in the song... so riduclous.  the way chris brown leans back at an impeccable angle, nonchalantly yet emphatically gesticulating with his arms... i die every time. a feast for both my eyes and ears.

that being said, here's my feeble attempt to recreate. :)

blazer - thrifted | knit top and bag - tjmaxx | wedges - two lips | sandals & accessories - f21

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

frolicking in greenpoint & fred flare

i'm mildly obsessed with reading nymag everyday, just to see what sample sales are up and around. after i read about the fred flare sample sale and browsed their quirky website, i knew i had to give it a a good reason to trek across to brooklyn! it was supposed to rain so i wore my mens' windbreaker hoodie which is ridiculously comfortable and this forest green printed shirt. pretty hobo-worthy i know, but so comfy and good for walking. chose my chunky clunky black boots (mens) for no other reason than to simply keep my feet dry (i hate hate hate rain and wet feet but it ended up barely sprinkling anyway) threw on some f21 rings and was dressed in less than 4 minutes. good stuff.

ended up getting a tiny perfume bottle, sprinkles ring (had to, won't wear it but its rainbow fabulousness was too alluring for someone stuck in forever fantasies of rainbowland), green stone? ring, and a diamond contraption that photographs incredibly. included a bunch of pictures of trinkets and collectors' items, would have gotten those headphones in the last photo but seeing as i've put 4 pairs to death in the past year....thought i'd spare a life or two. also did i mention, coolest cookware ever? not only adorable but entirely functional... these baking cups (silicone) that are non-stick, decorative in themselves and just perfect. they were a little pricey so i'll be hunting for some online soon. all in all a good adventure for a faux-rainy day.

jacket - f21 | leggings - intermix | shirt - vintage | boots - thrifted

Sunday, May 23, 2010

vintage wares

was sitting in the kitchen yesterday with a few minutes left before i had to head out, and noticed how beautifully the light was hitting the room. it just so happens that everything in our kitchen is vintage-esque (check out the fridge... sorry it's blurry but i promise its really cool) and thus goes perfectly with my almost entirely vintage outfit (sorry i think i've worn this exact outfit before. but in a different setting...) anyway my chains and leather belt with charms and delightful trinkets are possibly two of my most beloved closet beauties at the moment... they go so well with practically everything. and the white pleated skirt is secondhand, but was almost brand new when i pulled it from the racks. i think the floral patterned blouse is pretty self explanatory i have lots of these... haha but this one's european and vintage as well, not f21.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

forever 21 findings

my forever21 package came!!! i order when i find something that i can't find in stores (or if i'm just too lazy)
and am scared it'll sell out... anyway that really cool bracelet i blogged about like a week ago came!
sooo obsessed, it's a little big on the wrist but ... it's so gorgeous and basically perfect. the sweater is this
ridiculously warm and comfy charcoal washed forever21 find too.. with grommets on the top! amazing.