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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

black cherries and petals

it's pouring today in nyc :[ icky weather to say the least... but nothing like a cup of delicious black cherry ice cream with maraschino cherry topping to cheer me up (i have a jar of maraschinos ready in the fridge at all times, definitely consume unhealthy helpings of this stuff...). white tee is so summer perfect and would shoot beautifully with cherry blossom trees which are unfortunately gone already. i guess i'm basically in denial that the weather is awful...

also, in love with my crazy mini disco ball necklace from forever 21... and matching black lacquered ring. :) my roommate happened to mention that my nail polish color looks like the lips of a corpse. ehh. i like my dusty pinks.... but yeah, sinful nail polish = fun to try out, will probably do a post sometime on them.

top - tjmaxx | accessories - thrifted / f21 | nail polish - sinful nails, soul mate


  1. love your accessories

  2. mm mm those cherries too. used to hate them but now they are the highlight of my desserts.

  3. love the top :D

  4. The flower detailing on your top is so pretty!

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