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Saturday, May 22, 2010

forever 21 findings

my forever21 package came!!! i order when i find something that i can't find in stores (or if i'm just too lazy)
and am scared it'll sell out... anyway that really cool bracelet i blogged about like a week ago came!
sooo obsessed, it's a little big on the wrist but ... it's so gorgeous and basically perfect. the sweater is this
ridiculously warm and comfy charcoal washed forever21 find too.. with grommets on the top! amazing.


  1. i adore your hand piece!
    we have been looking for things like this everywhere, amazing
    thankyou so much for sharing, definately be visiting again soon
    lovely blog x

  2. great outfit! i love the details of the sandals. very gorgeous!

    p.s. thanks for following my blog, vivian, that means a lot <3