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Monday, May 17, 2010

studded limelight

top - forever 21 | blazer - thrifted | skirt - express

sorry for the lack of posts recently, busy moving in to my chelsea apartment! so i was thrifting maybe 2 weeks ago? and found this amazing blazer with this cool studded collar... it's a tad big on me and has shoulder pads (yikes!) but somehow it looks okay with my pencil skirt. stopped by the limelight marketplace today and must say it was incredible, was obviously too busy taking pictures to really appreciate it but i will definitely be returning with some hopefully incredible finds and more pictures!

the top's from forever 21, flutter sleeves + lightweight semi-sheer material = happy me. oh, and florals. :)


  1. Gorgeous look, darling ~ love your blouse!


  2. great looking top, i wouldn't guess its f21.

  3. Ok, my question is how do you take all these pictures? Do you have a tripod? <333