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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

toss turn twist ; tribal tube

tube dress - tjmaxx | belt - jcp + f21| accessories - f21 | shoes - alice & olivia for payless

the harlem payless store is officially incredible. found the fall alice and olivia shoes that i wanted soooo bad but were sold out early on.... somehow... in stores... LAST WEEK. look at the delicious studdedness in that first detail because the lights hits the boots so amazingly .... yeah. i love harlem. anyway. pre-work shenanigans in the kitchen. don't know how the bracelet got so awkwardly blurred in the last photo but then again all the angles in these photos look a little funkified to me. hmmmmmmm. hehe yeah okay so this is clearly NOT corporate casual but i wore a black silk blouse over the top so it wasn't so blatantly disregarding of the code. its okay my boss shows up to work in flippie floppies. 

also i just realized how cool the lighting is at 8am in the kitchen.
yeah i'll be taking more photos at 8am from now on. we live and we learn :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

for $20 : jeffrey campbell diy wedges from missvinylahoy

i love love love wedges, and cheap is totally chic. did a wedge post earlier on and found this amazing blogger who wrote up a diy for jeffrey campbell tick shoes. totally doable and under $20? yeah had to share. cupcakesandcashmere had these shoes last fall and i died a little inside when i heard they ran out...

summer goal : make these for myself before my birthday hits. heck it'll be my birthday present to myself!!! anyway check it out:

(photo from her blog)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

elmo's world v.chic

elmo's world, version...chic.

i stopped by elmo in chelsea with a few friends today for late lunch.
it's a world of the trendy&hip, chelsea at its finest. being as it's pride day in the city,
the waiters were all decked out in the coolest array of chains, biker shorts, etcetc.
this is why i love nyc. :)

the outfit basically = the necklace today... it was 92 degrees and i honestly couldn't force myself
to put on anything other than the most lightweight top i could uncover in my closet in 2 minutes.
(it's still 88 but i'm in my ac'ed apartment thank god)...

of sequins, chains, and shiny things

the times sq forever 21 opened!!! okay so apparently they're open weekdays til 1am and weekends til 2am. my life is ohsocomplete. anyway i wandered in after dinner friday night and went accessory happy (they have half a floor of accessories. i swear. it was like i found myself in accessories heaven)... anyway a bit crowded but much bigger than the union sq f21 so i'll be back. :)

finally pulled out my sequined sweater, actually from f21. never worn it before, didn't really know what to do with it... but felt like my new chains really went well with it. it's funny i kinda pick my accessories first usually, then what to wear...

sequined jacket - f21 | shorts - jcp | tank - vancouver? | accessories - my new babies from f21... :)
anyone know what these flowers are called? they're gorgeous. columbia campus.

Friday, June 25, 2010


mulberry. bags so timeless and classic, championed by celebrities/ fashion icons alexa chung and keira knightley alike... is any else as excited as i am about the mulberry for target collaboration?? get ready for october 10-december 26 when the collection will be in stores :) they did a collab with gap a while back and the bags were incredible, i kinda missed out :( anyway i LOVE designer collaborations with wallet-friendly stores... (hem alice&olivia for payless, christian siriano for payless are probably my favorites so far... jovovich-hawk for target in the past). what are your favorite collabs? :)


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

feast your eyes : food styling

according to wikipedia. "The role of the food stylist is to make the food look attractive in the finished photograph. The main difference between how a home cook or chef may present food and what a stylist does is the time and effort a stylist takes to carefully and artfully arrange the food. Also required is the visual know how, and ability to translate the perception of taste, aroma and appeal that one gets from an actual dish, to a two-dimensional photograph."

who even knew that food styling existed? it's funny because food stylists have such a similar job to fashion stylists... presenting food, instead of fashion, in a way that inspires fantasy and creation. which to me, is the essence of aesthetic expression... anyway. i also happen to love photography as much as i love food and fashion. it all just fits so perfectly.

no outfit post today because, simply put, i just threw on some random separates and had no time for photos. so that was my shot at food styling in the office. creme brulee from the garden of eden supermarket. :)

i was actually googling "food fashion photography shoot" in hopes of finding a fashion spread with scrumptious goodies in them to add to my photo. instead i happened to come across an amazing food stylist.. Debbie Wahl. All I can say is, she has an amazing portfolio and such vibrant presentation. beyond inspiring :) check out her site here ! (warning: subconscious salivating awaits ...)

feast your eyes.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

la nuit bleue et fantomatique

ghostly night blues and awkward camera fuzziness. :) photos may seem repetitive but somehow the randomest effects self-generated from my weak little point &shoot, whose unpredictability is sometimes a blessing in disguise...

the top /dress is a blue tunic from jcpenney actually. it has the most amazing draped sleeves ever... was a little hesitant to take it home at first because of the sheerness of the tunic, but its fine once you layer it over a slip. i actually really like the blue over pink coloring... paired with my firefly wedge cutout heels from two lips (amazon); they have this magical quality to them especially when shot at night.

- jcp | heels - two lips | slip - vintage | accessories - vintage, laila rowe, h&m, f21

Monday, June 21, 2010

maxed out hippie

hippie sunday i guess. didn't want to think about what to wear at all so finally pulled out my long tie-dye almost-there-peace-sign maxi dress. surprisingly breezy and oh so perfect for 80 degree weather and beautiful scenery by the hudson. kept accessories light besides a delicate flower necklace... dress and necklace from some random soho store (don't remember which). oh! and i present my new vintage find, a mini-leather backpack, perfect for stuffing a towel in for the grass by chelsea piers... amongst other things. :)