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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

murals and corporate casuals

sometimes i hate waking up and thinking, what do i have in my closet that could pass for business casual? because to be honest, most of what i have consists of vintage dresses, floral printed dresses, lots of silk and chiffon but usually either super short length dresses or sleeveless blouses. regardless i try not to look like a tranny granny when going to work and try to do something creative with my outfit. or at least take pictures of my outfit at interesting places (hence these photos). thank you elastic grommeted belts for saving me from supremely boring outfits. any other ideas on how to spruce up boring corporate apparel? i'd really appreciate :) 

also this is the neighborhood school for "writers and artists" grades 6-8. kinda interesting. love the murals and such around, so typical of a city school yet so different from what i grew up experiencing, so it's really refreshing.

top - tjmaxx, $10 | belt - f21, $8? | skirt - thrifted express, $5 | shoes - target, clearance, $5


  1. the top is just gorgeous. Love it really much!
    you look so pretty :)


  2. Your top looks amazing with this great belt...Ahhh such a great photos:)
    Kisses sweetie and have a wonderful day:)

  3. This light is warm mood.
    Lovely photos!

  4. omg i totally envy you.
    i love your pics and you look literally stunning in every post.

    love youuu! :)


  5. great colors. the fit around the waist is a nice touch.

    xo nancy

  6. tes photos sont magnifiques, j'adore ta tenue

  7. you look fantastic!! i love the shots too, very inspiring!! nice ruffled top!

  8. I love this outfit, the belt is gorgeous!