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Sunday, June 27, 2010

of sequins, chains, and shiny things

the times sq forever 21 opened!!! okay so apparently they're open weekdays til 1am and weekends til 2am. my life is ohsocomplete. anyway i wandered in after dinner friday night and went accessory happy (they have half a floor of accessories. i swear. it was like i found myself in accessories heaven)... anyway a bit crowded but much bigger than the union sq f21 so i'll be back. :)

finally pulled out my sequined sweater, actually from f21. never worn it before, didn't really know what to do with it... but felt like my new chains really went well with it. it's funny i kinda pick my accessories first usually, then what to wear...

sequined jacket - f21 | shorts - jcp | tank - vancouver? | accessories - my new babies from f21... :)
anyone know what these flowers are called? they're gorgeous. columbia campus.


  1. There's a F21 opened up by Time Square in SF? I will need to check that out when I'm in town next week. Thanks for the news :). The flowers are beautiful.

  2. I love hydrangea.
    Beautiful color.

  3. in LOVE with your outfit :) and i literally couldnt stop staring at that first picture.. so many shiny things! :)

    thanks so much for commenting btw! <33

  4. i just bought a sequiny vest today that i love!

  5. Those hydrangeas are beautiful!
    And thanks for the shout out on that other post!