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Thursday, July 29, 2010

just a blur

motion. if my camera could capture motion PROPERLY that would be so cool. but this is as close as i can get. taken by the chelsea piers and... 18th? 19th street? some really cool buildings out on 11th ave that i pass by whenever i head down to battery park city. anyway lets talk about these cutout wedges. they're HIDEOUS according to my friend who fails to appreciate the hot pink concept. but for me, hot pink gives it a little kick. if i ever tire of the pink i might paint them black. ha. we shall see. or .... rainbow. really thinkin about it... spray paint?? regardless i got them because the wedge is so sweet. perfectly architectural and elegant. potentially my hardest wedges to wear (little padding) but good enough for now :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

mcqueen "pre-spring/summer" 2011

mixed feelings about this. wonderfully amazing accessories, shoes, construction, outfits, etc. but spring/summer? so much black! granted it is pre-spring/summer 2011 i guess. anyway. probably the most exciting email i received today. :)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

fumbling with flintstones prints

a few months ago this awkward forever 21 top went on sale . SIGH it was rainbow so i had to buy it. and it arrived in its full fruitiness and rainbow glory.. much to my dismay. couldn't figure out how to wear it . until my 2am revelation just now ! forever 21 ALSO happened to have this sheer organza jacket on sale... with a hood! the hood sealed the deal. so pair the two awkward pieces together, and voila, i present to you my flintstones look . with sky high wedges scrounged from wet seal, 5 inches with a 2 inch platform, SO comfortable i could run in these all day !

top, leather skort, organza jacket - forever 21 | necklace/bracelet - thrifted
wedges - wet seal | yellow leopard print swimwear- victoria's secret

Sunday, July 25, 2010

chained wardrobe snapshots

my roommate and i figured that we could beat the heat by skipping the bras and going for the bikinis instead. so i went on a bikini hunt last week and snatched a few from victoria's secret, including this chain-back bikini. kind of a weird concept but not when you're wearing it as a bra right? almost seems like marlies dekkers should include some of these cool chain concepts into her brand....

yes my chain thirsting has been temporarily quenched. below, the source of my satisfaction. 

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Friday, July 23, 2010

scrounging - affordable bumbag collection

haha so apparently topshop names backpacks "bumbags" - so fitting. anywhooo currently have a backpack / slouchy oversized bag fetish and did some hunting. have a tendency to just pile my whole life into a bag so roomy bags are my thing at the moment... some affordable options for under $100 :

[1] urban bowling bag, $32.80, forever 21  |   [2] canvas multi pocket backpack, $60, topshop
[3] big buddha ivy bag, $90, piperlime  |  [4] utility fashion bag, $32.80, forever 21
[5] small leather rucksack, $80, topshop  |  [6] deena & ozzy chain tote, $58, urban outfitters
[7] melie bianco multi zip hobo, $55.99, piperlime  |  [8] shabd tie-dye recycled cotton  backpack, $48, baggu

i want all of these. if i buy every single one (which i wouldn't, i promise) it would total to about... $450. 
i mean, cheap is chic, but these bags are design-wise pretty cool too... any favs? :)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

diy studded wedge sandals for... $20!

okay so the figment of my imagination has become a reality. i present to you my diy thumbtacked wedge sandals, courtesy of payless fioni jasmine hooded sandals (here, $15 on sale last week), 2 packs of amazon gold thumbtacks (here, $5), and some blistered fingers and hideously chipped nails in the wee hours of the morning, 3am-5am(not pictured, priceless). good insomniactic activity, pushing and removing thumbtacks from the wedge... thankfully the wedge was soft enough to penetrate! finally figured out the design of the thumbtacks after endless holing. anyway i quite like them :) they're soooo comfy too can i say ?? i can actually run in these. the heel height's only 4 inches maybe that's why...

okay im so proud of these. hehe yeah no modesty at all ... thinking of naming them. suggestions?? the hobo wedges. the hobo wedge sandal. THE hobo shoe. ultimate hobo shoe. hobo shoe extreme. hobo. hehe. okay. (why am i obsessed with the word. i need to stop)
floral top - h&m garden collection | tank - f21 | wedges -diy | wire cuff - wet seal

Sunday, July 18, 2010

model inspo : martha hunt

this girl can rock it. look at her longgg legs that go for miles and miles. saw the first photo and then found this amazing shoot of her in vogue italy from april 2010. photographer for last shots - Tiziano Magni.

totally in love. isn't this shoot just so dynamic? her makeup is also incredible.
the outfits and shoes! love the assortment of draping/silhouettes/structured pieces...
the array of textures is also astounding. everything about this shoot is so artistically inspiring.
dying with love for this. VOGUEITALIA.styling for them... someday :)