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Monday, July 5, 2010

hooded robe hunting and some q&a

i used to work at a lingerie store down in union square helping out with admin/marketing.... at journelle. it's basically an upscale lingerie boutique with your classic /signature designers and some new names... very elegant, beautiful, always polished lingerie selections and AMAZING storefronts. it's one of the most beautiful boutiques probably in nyc i'd say. go check it out if you live here/nearby you honestly won't regret it... the dressing rooms are like luxurious ...rooms. the whole aesthetic and store concept is just incredible  anywhoo.

got this email blast a few days ago from them and have been dying to find a hooded lightweight robe like this ever since. so chic and practically necessary for summer esp now that it's 97 degrees out (i'm hiding in my lightless room on my day off. sad but that's how hot it is). anyway if anyone comes across one that won't cause my wallet to self-destruct PLEASE let me know.

sorry no outfit post today but i've been literally wandering around like a hobo in tanks and running shorts, sadly, because i've been running errands and melting even so :[ so here's a little q&a from all your comments i guess? [[ps i just wanted to thank all you readers for reading / looking at /commenting on my crazy posts - you guys are the reason i do this. :) it makes me happy to hear your new ideas and perspectives; fashion is a dialogue and that's why i love blogs]]

Q: do those heels hurt?
A: okay so i have a 4 inch rule for heels. that's the minimum heel height. second rule - i have to be able to run in them. this might sound a little weird but i vouch that i can literally run in all my heels. so yes... they are comfortable. i think the trick is to find wedges and platforms... really helps. if anything dr. scholls always help if you're walking in them for more than 3 hours

Q: where's that ring from?
A: yeah i have an extensive ring collection but pretty much everything is from f21 or vintage/thrifted. just beware the rings from f21 will turn your fingers green if you're not careful so i'd coat the insides. but they literally have new rings every other day online so check it out, the selection's really great and affordable so hobos like me don't have to die deprived of accessories. hehe :)

Q: why do you wear so many of them??
A: i don't know. i just feel a little empty without them. and most of mine are pretty quirky/not your standard pretty ring and i like to think that they tell stories/add something special to my outfits. haha and  they keep me company :) when im bored i try to take artsy pictures of them since they're so pretty and shiny. hmmmm.yup.

Q: who takes your photos?
A: mostly ME. i do the old self-timer thing, yes, even in public and YES i get so many stares. i feel really awkward sometimes and just try to laugh it off but you do what you have to do.... :)

hope that was entertaining? (props if you read that ....)


  1. That is a very cool rope....I want one too:) Hahah:)
    Kisses darling and have a lovely afternoon:)

  2. Great post! So funny, I had my finger turn green today from a F21ring. I forgot they do that, I will have to try and remember to coat it before I wear it again

  3. Great post, love your blog.
    Full of really good inspiration,
    have been reading back several posts :)
    Hope you can check out my blog sometime

  4. I agree with Diana, that robe is very cool!!

  5. great picture!