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Monday, August 30, 2010

wallpaper prints under mens hooded windbreakers

shirt - vintage amarcord | jacket - f21 (men's) | shoes - diy payless | ring - forever21 | backpack - roxy

Saying goodbye is always kind of rough. Dressed as normally as I could for my last day of work so it wouldn't be as hard. Hmm. Anyway this jacket is my faux spiderman find, it has this red detailing on the sleeves and in the front that reminds me of Spidey himself. Pretty cool. For some reason before I left my apartment I decided to have the sleeves from my shirt stick out from under the jacket...ummm I guess the layered effect is passable. Most likely my favorite wallpaper print shirt cause it's actually surprisingly soft and functional. 

Might fail to make meaningful posts on here in the next few days as I'm packing and getting ready to leave my crib :[ 

Friday, August 27, 2010

falling into autumn in chunky knits

sweater - 3.1 phillip lim | skirt - old navy | shoes - diy payless | bag - hype | rings / bracelets - diy &f21

So I posted about this incredible $40 bargain 3.1 Phillip Lim 2008 resort collection piece - from Angel Street Thrift Shop in Chelsea - a few weeks ago. Mmmmm so I finally got to enjoy the wonderful softness & warmth of this heavy sweater a few days ago when it actually got cold here in New York! Not cold enough for me to put on tights yet but a sweater's a pretty big leap for me. Can you believe it's a resort piece?? I love its silhouette, the amazing draped loose sleeves, perfectly placed shoulder side tabs, and the huge buttoned pockets. It's unfortunately a tad big on me (M instead of a S) but it's just sososo comfy. Can't wait for autumn now... if only I had a few capes! Shall go probing various vintage & thrift stores this coming week for one before I move out of Chelsea. 

Oh and I'm starting to have anxiety attacks. Separation anxiety from summer, Chelsea, work, everything... major boo. The mid-smirk/laugh attack caught so ungracefully in that last photo is definitely lost now =((((( The far away land of Morningside Heights/Columbia/SCHOOL is so stuffy and makes my brain throb. The impending doom... only intensifies the necessity of some comforting capes to hide away in. Ughlughugh. Ickityickick. 

fountains spilling with secrets

hoodie - bdg, uo | black silk shirt - mom's ?? | skirt - guess | bag - hype | chain necklace - diy/vintage | shoes - diy payless

Has any read the children's book From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler? [ wiki here ] Totally random but that's what popped into mind when I was sitting by these fountains at Washington Square Park by NYU  the other day. Actually it just so happens that the museum they run away to was the Met. Kind of mind boggling now that I've actually been there, makes me want to re-read it since it'll make more sense now.

Hmmm so threw this outfit together, without the hoodie it's actually very work friendly but I suppose it was raining. I think that's why I brought my striped jacket... or maybe just for the pop of color. Who knows. Anyway the necklace is this long lanky gem-encrusted vintage chain from Amarcord that I used as a leg bracelet thing a few posts ago... I found this keychain my ex roomie gave me from one of her care packages hehehehe anywwhooo decided the silhouette looked kinda cool and hooked it on to make an awkward necklace. UMM yeah turns out the keychain is actually two guns at the bottom?! Whatever I still think it makes sense.... visually anyway.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

burlington coat factory expedition in DIY tick sandals

shoes - f21, DIY | shirt - thrifted | tank as skirt - f21 | bag - hype

Headed over to Burlington Coat Factory in search of pretty things. Hmmmmmmm so I found this $300 St. John cape that I'm dying for, I put it on and it screamed for me to never take it off, it's SO comfy and warm and ahhh I can see myself wearing it everywhere in the winter. Sad about the price tag =( Also snapped some quick photos of potential shoe inspo. I love chained detailing so that may be my next project... just have to find the shoe with the right silhouette.

Anyway I found these amazing stretchy platform wedges at forever 21 that are surprisingly comfortable, 5 inches, and decided to ... cover them in thumbtacks. Haha yet again. Except this time I did the whole shoe. Feedback? :P (P.S. Sorry for the outfit repeat I had like 5 minutes to toss on something in the morning).

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

rain-saturated denim

denim shirt - amarcord vintage | necklace, bag, rings - forever 21 | shorts - tjmaxx | shoes  - alice & olivia for payless

Running errands on a Sunday. Hence the...running shorts. I know, what was I thinking? But somehow I think this outfit works, at least for me, in terms of functionality and comfort. These heels are SO easy to walk/run in so despite being completely rained out (check out how saturated my shirt was after getting soaked... intense colorfying no?), I could still walk 20 blocks home. That's 5 inches y'all, which basically = dedication... to... hobovogue. Anyway. The bad news... my shoes got kind of soaked and I didn't notice until I took them off but the fabric lining the insoles/cushioning tore since it was so wet =( NOOOOOOO I guess that's what you get for buying $5 sale shoes from Payless. Thinking of investing in some super glue and seeing if I can glue it down.... any other wallet friendly suggestions for repair? 

Monday, August 23, 2010

ALERT : hobomobile / fashion mobile?!?!

So this isn't 100 percent fashion related, but I do have a hobo fetish (I mean, I practically am one). This entails subscribing to all twitter posts that mention anything hobo related. Trending... the HOBO MOBILE. Can I even describe how amazing this design is?!?! Take a look for yourself here. It's incredible! So innovative, a stunning design and beyond creative concept, I would actually stretch it to say it's pretty damn chic, and omygod best of all it's WARDROBE FRIENDLY. Look at all that potential hanging and wiring with a design that allows for so many things to just... hang from it. I'm obsessed. Officially. Like... don't even mess with this right now, I think this is the most exciting and inspiring thing I've seen EVER. I mean... imagine... "hobovogue on the go", except REALLY. I might even start up a hobochompe mobile. It's all about dreaming big, everyone... [photos from].

Oh and not to worry; outfit post will come later today... this was just too exciting to pass up a post.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

sheer sequined embroidery & ankle chains

black tunic & ankle chain - vintage | blue tunic under - jcp | rope belt - thrifted | necklace - f21

My thrift and vintage finds can cure sicknesses, I swear. Found this sheer black tunic that's so grandma-like yet completely wearable on a day-to-day basis if styled right (belted). Sheers are definitely taking over my wardrobe at the moment. The sequined embroidery on this particular find though is actually incredibly beautiful and sparkles when the sun hits it properly.... Found a silver red gem-embellished chain lying around and decided to wear it as an ankle strap since it's too thin and winds around awkwardly when I try to wear it as a belt. My feeble attempt to get creative with accessories when I'm too lazy to stack on six rings.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

knit black lace & some preppy


black skirt as dress - thrifted | bgray skirt under - express | plaid vest - mommy's creation 

So wasn't feeling too inspired by anything in my closet so decided to wear a skirt as a dress. Which I actually happen to do more often than you'd think... anyway the lace is over a nude-colored layer so that's why the detailing kind of shows up. Really pretty fabric but the pattern's kind of weird - it's this handkerchief hem so the sides are way longer than the middle, so I had to wear another skirt under. Threw on mom's vest to make this work-wearable.

Sorry haven't been responding to comments / your blog posts lately, have been fainting/dying/ recently for unknown reason... basically I'm in bed all day just too tired to do anything :( . OH summer sicknesses, how I love thee.

Friday, August 20, 2010

marching band elephant vests

vest - vintage | wifebeater - f21 | tank as skirt - don't remember | backpack - roxy | rings - f21

This awkward Tibetan-like vest is so ripe with potential. It's a bit oversize but it's nicely loose so that I can still move around comfortably in it. I feel like I'm wearing artwork when I wear it. Hehe. The elephants are actually cushioned/puffy and there's two in the front and one in the back.... Just have to figure out what else to wear it with... I'm feeling combat boots or maybe some black platform wedges.Thoughts and recommendations? :)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

oversized tunic with flutter sleeves

oversized tunic - thrifted | leggings - intermix | coin belt - vintage | bag - hype

Found a gigantically oversized tunic this weekend, semi-sheer with a geometric print, and fell in love. The sleeves are basically scalloped and have incredible detailing on them, flutter like no other, and are just so... butterfly-like. The rest of the tunic is basically pretty loose fitting hence the coin belt... it's a size 2x but comfy as anything and I don't look too hobo-like with it on. I think. Ha...

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

circus couture: tsumori chisato fall 2010 rtw

Where do I even begin? So I guess I didn't really pay enough attention to Japan Fashion Week because I discovered the magic of Tsumori Chisato's fall collection just today. You all know by now probably that I'm obsessive over intense colors, prints, textures, layers, and silhouettes. Chisato really just takes it to the next level.

Disregarding the wearability of the collection as a whole, I just have to commend him for elevating my notion of the circus theme as silly and elementary to one now of glamorous frivolity. Incredible bold striped pants in both neutral and vibrantly colored sheer silk, oversized capes creating wondrous silhouettes, layered scarves in solid and prints adding that extra flair to already intensive layers... Feathered dresses, psychedelic and hypnotizing zigzag prints, playful yet elegant side updos all captured in an atmosphere of fairytale fantasy. I can't even imagine how this looks coming down a runway in movement, with the billowing sleeves, trailing trains, and soft flowy fabric, fantastical, mystical, mysterious, charming, & captivating all at once. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

outfit on the move

shirt - vintage | skirt - f21 | bag - hype | accessories - diy, vintage, street fairs
Pulled out my semi-sheer blouse with crazy purples, magentas, and sublime greenish-blue hues and threw it on over my go-to faux leather skort. Paired with some loud rings and hairties, friendship bracelets, and street finds in a somewhat sad attempt to spice up my semi-boring outfit. Ohhh well. Loud shirts don't need crazy accessorizing I guess :) Simple Sunday outfit before heading over to Long Island City to hear Julia Haltigan at a taxi garage concert (who by the way has an incredibly powerful & beautiful voice)...

Sunday, August 15, 2010

a mix of rugged and sheer

sheer tunic - jcp | slip - vintage | flip flop jellies - f21 | backpack - roxy | bracelets - DIY

I've been playing around with mixing different textures a lot recently. My backpack from Roxy ordered through Amazon came a DAY after I frantically ordered it from them since they were finally sold out on I have a fetish for backpacks since they're so convenient and this one is no exception - in different lighting it shows up differently, but basically it's this rugged looking black-brown faux-leather outside with incredible zippered pockets for everything and rope&button snap closure at the top and on the sides. Totally in love with it... was heading to Chelsea Piers for some quality reading time on a not too hot and humid day (FINALLY) so I just put on those awkward jellies. Ha.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

lace, leopard, and chains

lace top - tjmaxx | nude bodysuit - american apparel | purple tank as skirt - canadian store?
bag - tjmaxx | wedges - alice & oliva for payless | necklace - forever 21 | chain belts - vintage

Couldn't figure out how to wear this beautiful sheer cream lace top for the longest time, and finally decided to give it another go yesterday by wearing over a nude bodysuit from AA. Pulled out a purple tank that no longer really fits me on top and... wore it as a skirt. Have been doing this a lot recently because I've been lazying around and avoiding laundry meaning no skirts to wear...I know, yikes. Thankfully I stock up on anything I see that's chained and it just so happened that these chains hit at exactly the right place to make my outfit not so.,.. awkward. Still in love with the different dotted and floral patterns of lace for that top... wish it weren't banded at the bottom though. Hehe thoughts?? :)