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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

circus couture: tsumori chisato fall 2010 rtw

Where do I even begin? So I guess I didn't really pay enough attention to Japan Fashion Week because I discovered the magic of Tsumori Chisato's fall collection just today. You all know by now probably that I'm obsessive over intense colors, prints, textures, layers, and silhouettes. Chisato really just takes it to the next level.

Disregarding the wearability of the collection as a whole, I just have to commend him for elevating my notion of the circus theme as silly and elementary to one now of glamorous frivolity. Incredible bold striped pants in both neutral and vibrantly colored sheer silk, oversized capes creating wondrous silhouettes, layered scarves in solid and prints adding that extra flair to already intensive layers... Feathered dresses, psychedelic and hypnotizing zigzag prints, playful yet elegant side updos all captured in an atmosphere of fairytale fantasy. I can't even imagine how this looks coming down a runway in movement, with the billowing sleeves, trailing trains, and soft flowy fabric, fantastical, mystical, mysterious, charming, & captivating all at once. 


  1. her design has always been whimsical and stunningly bright, at the same time classy & dramatical. highfive from a fan of Tsumori Chisato, gabrielle

  2. I'm totally taken with it all. Just fabulous!

  3. These looks are all so so beautiful! Like out of a magical fantasy!

  4. Lovely looks, wow


  5. Clearly, I'll have start keeping track of Japanese fashion week. Those designs are fucking amazing! I used to blog at FabBlab, but this is my new blog: Please follow me :D

  6. fabulous you rightly put has it all colors, prints, textures!

  7. Very pretty. And I bet you're right about how great they'd look coming down the runway!
    XO Piper

  8. These dresses are amazing..
    The singer Shakira loves this brand

  9. Thanks for sharing, I also didn't know about this designer and I love the colors and the transparency on the first pics! Amazing!


  10. those outfits are great
    love those clothes
    I've never seen anything from Japan Fashion Week but it seems great
    and, you look so lovely on the post below, such a nice outfit

    ♥ Marley