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Saturday, August 21, 2010

knit black lace & some preppy


black skirt as dress - thrifted | bgray skirt under - express | plaid vest - mommy's creation 

So wasn't feeling too inspired by anything in my closet so decided to wear a skirt as a dress. Which I actually happen to do more often than you'd think... anyway the lace is over a nude-colored layer so that's why the detailing kind of shows up. Really pretty fabric but the pattern's kind of weird - it's this handkerchief hem so the sides are way longer than the middle, so I had to wear another skirt under. Threw on mom's vest to make this work-wearable.

Sorry haven't been responding to comments / your blog posts lately, have been fainting/dying/ recently for unknown reason... basically I'm in bed all day just too tired to do anything :( . OH summer sicknesses, how I love thee.