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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

the real world: hobovogue .

yesterday a friend / ex-coworker e-mailed me a link that i thought was pretty cool : 

i mean, it's's The Cut, and i shamelessly admit that i'm completely addicted...
PLUS i get my own picture next to tim gunn and heidi klum? score!

then i proceeded to read the comments under, and my happy moment died a little. some fellow reader feedback (see more here) : 

"I thought it was Cut editorial policy to support pants.."
This outfit looks terrible though. Especially the shoes."
She could've atleast acted like she liked it herself HAHA I know nobody else can. Hideous."
Who you trying to fool?"

yeah, no big deal it's the fashion world right? it thrives off of criticism, critique, & controversy. i don't really expect everyone to see clothes/outfits/fashion/style in the same way i do. that's why i blog and upload photos occasionally to chictopia,, or in this case to share my own idea of what aesthetically pleases, intrigues, & charms me while documenting my adventures and discoveries along the way, for me, friends, family, and anyone who's interested / inspired by these things. posting fantastical and outlandish envisionings of potentially wearable outfits; sharing fashion spreads and photoshoots that inspire me; exposing trinkets and places that i've discovered and come to treasure; documenting hobovogue .

ultimately, i try to dress myself so that there's some sort of alignment between my aesthetics and my appearance; in a way, my outfit becomes part of my everyday life - my lifestyle, my vogue. because at the end of the day, what you're wearing does impact your life. i have to be able to walk in my outfits for distances, hop over fences, etc depending on what errands i have to run, the places i have to go. all without compromising my need to satisfy my aesthetic vision because simply, i can't and won't .

whatever that means. anyway, just some food for thought. original hobovogue post here:
speaking of fashion & controversy, some interesting reads if you're interested:


  1. that's lame feedback! and it's on the coat that i love so much! boo!

  2. Hey a mention is a mention - congrats on that. =)

  3. thanks for the comment on my blog!! come back and follow!

  4. You look GREAT in that photo! And like the above said, any mention is a mention. You rock!

  5. Ohh I am so sorry,sweetie...I love that coat:)


    ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY tomorrow, so please join in:)
    I bet it will cheer you up:)

  6. Congrats on being featured!!! stupid commenters... lol

  7. Just found your blog! I am going to have to check out this link :) Stop by sometime!

    xo Lynzy
    Come enter my giveaway!

  8. First off, those people are HATERS. PLEASE don't listen to their negativity. Clearly they are miserable in their own lives or unhappy with themselves.
    Personally I thought you looked adorable, and clearly the editors at The Cut did to! ;)
    PS. I am following you now so come follow me too! ;)

  9. Plus, let's not forget: did the commentators pictures get featured? No. Can you say "jealous" much? :)

  10. I think you totally rocked that look ;)

  11. Congrats on the feature babe!!! YAY!!! xoxo

  12. oh dear I was all excited for you and then I saw that comment! Whatever! You look great and congrats on such an amazing feature.

  13. I think Madonna said something like...any publicity is good...but the bad publicity is the best. Or something like that.

    I say congrats...and you looked fab.


  14. Wow! Interesting! Great Look! I love Maxi-Shirts and also green!
    This week I begin my holidays! I will came in some weeks! See you soon!



    Don´t forget that...

  15. People can be so negative!! Sorry yu had to read through all that crap, but congrats on the mention!

  16. Here's the thing you need to were featured; they weren't. You look amazing in that outfit - as does NYMag. Take the harsh comments in stride - the same way everyone from Britney Spears to Angelina Jolie do. Don't let negativity ruin your moment! :)

  17. congrats on the feature, thats so cool!

  18. congrats :) ignore the haters!

    xo~follow me back please

  19. congrats dearie! i love your style!



  21. ugh don't worry about the negative feedback. tastemakers don't need validation :)

  22. it is so cool that you were in the cut, blah to the haters.