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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

diy tie dye dress

 top - thrifted & diy | boots - urban outfitters | hoodie - urban outfitters 

Great oversized shirts for slobby Mondays and rain. More safety pin work later throughout the day (first few photos) and stapling of fabric to make it more fitted. Ummmmm I think my wardrobe is about to be replaced by oversize tie dye shirts. Officially. 

Sunday, September 26, 2010

safety pinned butterfly

tunic top - thrifted | shorts - chinatown | shoes - decree, jcp | earrings - vancouver street market

The top you've all seen before but belted instead. This time I safety pinned the sides to make it form fitting and strangely enough the side view is actually really cool... the safety pins don't show at all since there's so much fabric. Accordion pleats and long butterfly-like sleeves have never made me so happy... and geometric prints too. If I remember correctly it was "family savings day" at Salvation army in chelsea aka half off everything so I think this top was ummm $3 or something fabulous; the fashion gods were def in my favor that day, ha :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

midday wardrobe change

silk blouse - amarcord | top - tjmaxx? | skirt - vintage | wedges - wetseal 

Same outfit as earlier in the day (last post), except I switched the top and put on a silk blouse as a faux-jacket. Same shoes, same backpack but worn as a messenger instead of a backpack (yay for versatile strap functions, I love ROXY)... yep. When life gives you homework, play dress up I guess !

Thursday, September 23, 2010

preppy artsy

denim shirt, belt & striped shirt - amarcord vintage | pleated skort - thrifted | shoes - wet seal

Denim, pleated white skirts, and wallpaper print shirt... hmm.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

embellished pullover sweaters

sweater - thrifted | shorts - ? just some denim shots | sandals - f21
Welcoming the onset of autumn with some thrifted sweaters... have recently come to love soft, oversize knit pieces that are so easy to put together/interesting on their own. This is why I love thrifted and vintage junk. They're so awkward and random with unexpected embellishments and quirks to the point that accessorizing isn't even necessary sometimes... like with this sweater. Pearls / gems / sequin patches and perfectly placed dolman sleeves, thank you for making my hectic days easier & more functional. Eternally grateful I am :)

Monday, September 20, 2010

lower east side ready

hoodie - bdg | shorts - chinatown? | tank -target | backpack - vintage/thrifted

I love the lower east side. So much thrifting/vintage shopping/hoboing to be done. Visited a few galleries for an article that I'm writing soon and stopped by Piada for an amazing sandwich with speck, brie, and tomato... mmmmm. My travel & adventure ready outfit I guess, didn't really feel like dressing up. Sometimes sporty is cool, kind of, in my head anyway :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

pocahontas days

dress - thrifted | shoes - flip flops, diy wedges | chain - vintage | belt - thrifted | backpack - roxy

Wore this amazingly cool tie-dye / i don't even know dress that I thrifted this summer. It's amazingly lightweight and the kind of material that swishes unnecessarily but I love the way it moves. Hahaaa okay so we had a disney themed mixer the same night and initially I was aiming for dumbo but realized my wardrobe is limited... so I just wore the same thing I wore to class. Except with a headband. Success? 

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

gold collars, rolled up sleeves


top - vintage stretchy shirt | blazer - vintage | shorts - wet seal | shoes - alice&olivia heels, random flip flops | accessories - f21, thrifted, vintage

Reviewing my recent posts I've realized I usually switch every other day from some feminine sheer find to something edgier the next. Haha gotta keep it real... or just not boring. I'm a huge fan of 1/2 or 3/4 length sleeves for some reason, I think I've convinced myself that somehow half sleeves are the way to go. Before switching into flip flops for the afternoon since it got warmer I sadly once again felt awkwardly tall in class. Like a lumbering giant in a room full of fellow economics majors who didn't understand my 5 inch heels, sigh. Ummmmmmmm pretty standard nowadays...

autumn leaves summer rays

top - thrifted kaftan | pink slip - ?? | sandals - f21 | bag - hype | chain - vintage | headband - claires?!

Sunny weather merits sunny outfits, hence the pink and yellow sheer kaftan over a semi-hot-pink/barbie pink slip. Decided to forego the backpack since it looked a little heavy with the outfit so I brought out a leather messenger instead, and accessorized with a chunky gold vintage chain to keep things simple. Would have worn heels except I had an awkward moment the other day where I felt like I was looming above everyone on campus for no good I don't think I have anything nearly strappy/delicate enough to make the look summery enough. Haha delicate heels just aren't my thing. 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

worn again and again

I know I've worn this shirt like 1000 times recently but I finally wore it with pants and some boots instead of a skirt. Jeans in fact. I actually am not a huge fan of denim bottoms since I always feel like they're so constricting but these are a different story; I guess you really do have to just find the right fit...

Monday, September 13, 2010

red cherry blossoms against gray & gold

top - wet seal | skirt - intermix | gold chain - vintage | cuff - wet seal

Mixing some prints against solids; pulled out this red floral shirt from a while ago, 10th grade actually (wait that's 5 years) but I literally wear it like... once every 6 months. Haha. Somehow the color combinations and different textures really made sense to me when I threw these thing on together. Too office-y though which was I picked out my silly forever21 sandals that I wore practically every day this summer. Nothing like dressing down via flat sandals haha... brings up the comfort level a notch too.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

fashion's night out 2010

top - men's shirt, thrifted | shoes - decree from jcpenney | bag - hype | earrings - vintage from my sister!

Escada, Gucci, Tiffany's, Palace (Gossip Girl!), Dorm.

About my oversize shirt - yikes, looks like I wore the same thing as Thursday. Hmm this shirt is slightly moe flowy I'd like to think but the sleeves are gigantic so solution = stapling for a faux-draped effect, reminiscent slightly of my 3.1 Phillip Lim resort sweater. Hehe. Regardless of how it looks though it's sooo soft and comfortable I felt like I had to choose some louder shoes. The shoes actually tie up in the front with laces and zip in the back for easy slip on/off.... and the heel's chunky enough to make them super easy to walk & run in, definitely hobovogue-friendly.

Oh! And meet Serena, friend from Columbia / sister in ΣΔT :)

Friday, September 10, 2010

sweetest goodbye

hooded top - thrifted | shorts - fire denim | shoes - diy payless | backpack - roxy

Hmmmm didn't feel like color today. Black and white outfit (besides the dark wash denmi) basically; sometimes that's all you need. Oh and gold detailing on cool wedges to complete the look =)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

sailor collars, wallpaper prints, faux ostrich

top - vintage | skirt - old navy | shoes - sears | backpack - roxy

Second school day. Ten minutes to get dressed means picking up the first skirt I could find (not unpacked as indicated by that suitcase ... there's another duffel and box full of clothes unpacked in the closet. yikes). The top has this interesting wallpaper floral print (I seem to be unconsciously collecting awkward floral print shirts) and the sleeves are super flowy/soft/comfortable; the shirt's made of this flowy silk-like material. Not quite sure what it is.. Was hesitant about the prissy looking puffed sleeves but I think the ostrich print skirt offsets the grandma vibe of the shirt. Or I hope... haha.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

mystify me

shirt - thrifted | skirt - forever 21 | shoes - diy payless | necklace - laila rowe | other accessories - vintage, f21

All moved in and reunited on campus with everyone!!! :)

Bright and sunny days + first day of classes = happy outfit needed. Found this button down sheer flower print blouse at a thrift store down in Chelsea (I think it was salvation army?!?) but practically brand new with the original tags on it. Love how soft and flowy it is, opened up the buttons at the end of the sleeves so it's easy to move around in. Been stomping around in these amazing shoes that are SO comfy even at 4 inches.. everywhere.. recently. Haha so no I don't only have one pair of shoes, these just happen to go with everything and the comfort level = fantastic. I love Payless...