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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

coats and balloons

dress -
urban outfitters | shoes - steve madden | coat - thrifted | necklace - laila rowe

I found the comfiest and warmest coat, HOODED, from my regular upper west side thrift store the othe day. Chopped off a good 5 inches form the bottom (it was looking too granny) and we're good to go... played Sunday dress up before proceeding to some semi-depressing bouts of reading and cramming. Whee. Nothing like being dressed up to kickstart some crazy studying.

OH and those balloons are from Columbia's homecoming game, which we lost, as usual. Yikes. :[

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

bathroom break & electric shock

top - Angel Street Thrift | necklace - MJ | bottoms & rings - f21 | boots - thrifted 

Grabbing some homework in the VERY far away International Affairs Building and made a quick trip to the bathroom. I guess this is how my mind works - cool mirrors, cool lighting, wait, cool moment for photos! Good thing is hardly anyone ever goes inside this ghost of a bathroom so I had 10 minutes to spare before running off to the next class and these are the results. Funny how these 10 minutes were probably the best 10 minutes of my day yesterday.

Friday, October 15, 2010

sheer embroidered kaftans


kaftan - thrifted | slip - vintage | shoes - diy payless | bag - hype

One of my favorite sheer blouses / kaftans worn as a dress. Couldn't find my tights yesterday but it was nice out until rainy ickiness. Hmmmm simple accessories since the kaftan's actually beaded and has really beautiful embroidery on it. Don't you love it when the garment's already accessorized? Makes life so much easier!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

green spectrum & skeletal accessories

jacket and dress - vintage, thrifted | accessories - diy f21 | ring - f21

Green! I think this thrifted dress as every possible shade of kelly lime moss olive green possible. Maybe they tie-dyed it? Regardless it doesn't have the most incredible silhouette hence cover-up by another green jacket... haha. So I've featured this jacket HERE before, it's just really interesting because it's this dull, washed out gray-green when indoors but once it catches any natural light at all it turns into this rich moss green, saturated beyond belief. Which is really exciting but also mildly disturbing when my outfit looks one way indoors and another outdoors. More excuse to escape my dorm room I guess since I look way cooler outside than inside when my jacket just... fades.

Hooked my skeletal structured bracelet onto a chain for a necklace creation and paired with my disco ball necklace that I found lying at the bottom of my unused accessories pile. Yay? I think it looks kinda cool when they overlap perfectly but otherwise mildly strange. Hehe as per usual. :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

philanthropic fashion

tank - ΣΔT PR tank | blazer - vintage | leggings - forever 21| shoes - diy payless

Wearing a PR tank for our philanthropy while staying fly. Haha that's the term a friend used today for fashionable/trendy I guess. Don't know how I feel about that just yet. Anyway wearing a lot of black somehow seems to be really easy nowadays, I think the nyc trend is taking over.... but keeping it simple with black always ends up looking presentable at the least =) 

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

starry study days

blouse - vintage | shorts - wet seal | shoes - decree | fingerless gloves - f21

Study days and trekking across campuses to foreboding buildings... not exactly my idea of fun but when you're dressed in comfy clothes it's worth it. Missing from these photos is my forever 21 hooded jacket that kept me warm throughout the evening; will post next time! Oh and yes it was raining but I have this strange mechanism where my body doesn't get cold unless it's wet, and thanks to platform chunky heels my feet stayed dry. YAY. =)

Also the headband was to prevent my noticeably FRIZZY hair today from further frizzification in rainy weather. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

circus accessories in fall rain

top - jcp | vest - vintage / thrifted? | shorts - wet seal | booties - christian siriano payless | scarf - friend's gift

Sorry I've been so M.I.A. First set of midterms this week, yay for psychology and corporate finance. Actually the classes are incredible it's just lots and lots of reading / lots of me lazying in my room and not charging my camera and failing to take photos. But hmmm Friday morning I woke up and decided to not look like a slob and actually threw something together. Not sure how I feel about the white top against the dark vest and blues/purples in my shoes scarf and shorts but somehow the colors aren't too sickening or nauseating imo... or maybe that's just the caffeine speaking.