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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

halloween 2010 : little red riding hood

Ran into my friend Shelly at my favorite 96th street thrift shop and tried on crazy clothes with her. Amongst the finds... polka dotted red dress + top that I wore as a semi-cape / hood combo for Halloween. Dug around my shoeboxes where I store useless things such as these strange floral tights (I'd never wear these probably on a normal day unless my inner Gossip Girl violently burst out from me... dear god lets hope that never happens) and finally put them to good use. Wet Seal wedges as always :) 

Anyway I'm really loving the draped effect of my skirt-cape. Which I'm actually going to wear on a regular basis I've decided once I chop off enough of the top to make a hood out of it to attach to the skirt... diy excitedness! Except I probably won't do this until I feel like I have nothing to wear again :(