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Sunday, December 19, 2010

hobovogue on hiatus .

I know, sad times. Hobovogue shall be on hiatus for a bit because
1. It's F.I.N.A.L.S.week (Frick I Never Actually Learned Shit).
2. My laptop died (meaning loss of all prior hobovogue memories... I don't know how to feel about this).
3. My camera's lost downtown in NYC aka gone forever.

So until I get a new camera / laptop / etc there won't be posts for a while!
But some early new years resolutions in case I don't get to that post either:
 re-format weekly postings on here to have some more structure, do more DIY posts and how-tos,
outfit layouting via photoshop, and more designer features / fashion spreads along with outfit posts! :) 

Until next time, 

Friday, December 3, 2010

carpet and rug inspired

dress - old navy | "coat" - junk | tights - tjmaxx? | wedges & gloves - f21

Same pose different photos thanks to strange lighting issues when you wake up early (hemmm actually it was 8 am so not that early) on Sundays (this was taken 11/27).
I know "carpet and rug inspired" doesn't sound the most fashionable but it's winter and sometimes I get cold (rarely though...). I've been wearing these fringed hobo-like purple and black striped fingerless gloves everywhere, they're so practical and actually do provide a fair amount of warmth. 

Now the jacket. It comes from Junk, Williamsburg, and who knows where they found this piece of magic. It's like my magic carpet ride except in semi-coat form and with tassel-like ends on the arms and even a strange rug-like collar. Way too amazing to pass up, ever. The texture is basically... like a rug. Semi-furry actually. Hmmmm delightful right? Also note the new addition to my shoe army, 2 inch platform and a 5.5 inch wedge, potentially the most comfy pair of platforms to exist and gosh they add some much-needed height :)