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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

tippity toe

dress & sandals - charlotte russe | twisted cable cuff - times square subway boutique | leaf ring finger - f21| handbag - Housing Works (for $5)

Took some time to tiptoe my way through East Village this past Sunday pre- and post-brunch. Toting one of my favorite semi-translucent handbags in a lush shade of lavender paired with my summer staple of the floral dress (duh duh duh duh...). Okay I have to admit that probably 75% of my dress collection consists of floral prints. It's fine. I'm still under 30. Even then it'd probably be fine thanks to my brilliant mind of the 7 year old child. (Current obsession = the minions. I might be one for Halloween).

P.S. Yes, that is a giant bruise adjacent to my right knee. I am somewhat okay VERY clumsy. Note the bug bite on my left leg. That, my friends, is called accessorizing naturally. I attribute the almightily gross bite of bug to my sugary blood (sweetened, again, naturally by fruits). Okay #TMI I get it.

Monday, August 19, 2013

floral mirage

dress - vintage | striped boat shoes - f21 | earring - love culture | bag - rebecca minkoff

A day of Central Park adventures and apartment hunting made simple by tossing on a satin-y dress of butterflies and florals. Wearing my new favorite wardrobe staple, the almightly cuff earring accessory that makes me feel just hipster enough.