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Friday, October 25, 2013

rainbow tribute: Camilla

Rainbow = by far the best color out there. / wikipedia informs us all that rainbows are "meterological phenomenons" which sounds vapid and over-complicated but pretty cool.

Happened to stumble upon Australian designer Camilla's Frank's ready-to-wear collection a la Vogue. This amazing designer even had a show inspired by the Avatar movie back in 2010! (Jumped a little in excitement about that). I am now having nightmares about not having the $$ to ever purchase my own Camilla dress, which are all floaty things that cry gypsy, fortune teller and fairy-like essence and fantastical joy all in one. I can just see myself slipping on one of these beauties (aren't they all so magically crafted in 50 shades of rainbow??) to a fancy dinner or just as easily wear it to Coachella (well... I'd shoot it at Coachella and then change to something I'm less attached to). Too bad these friends price at $500 a pop. Can't afford that just yet...maybe if she comes out with a hoodie + pocketed version. Just sayin.

Anyway, check out their website here. Some pretty insane editorial shots that will leave you drooling. 

Image credits: camilla website, businessoffashion,

Friday, October 11, 2013

let's play dress-up

vacation dinner outfits. :)

look 1: dress - f21 | heels - harlem store | bangles - h&m, thrift & f21
look 2: mesh skater dress - charlotte russe | cuff earring - love culture | backpack - asos
look 3: off shoulder dress - catherine malandrino | earrings - 34th st vendors (on Broadway)

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Friday night lights

 criss-cross back dress - Charlotte Russe | clear heel shoes - Pleaser | backpack - Asos | earrings - love culture

Went on a grand adventure Friday night for my friend's bday at Hudson Hotel which is complete with fancy mirrors and the like (think library bar, dance room, bar room with food and long tables and an endless maze of private rooms and hidden corners.) Decided to bring my mini teenybopper backpack to hide a spare pair of flats in....hehe.

Feautured - my friend and fellow adventure hunter margie, and the fabulous $6 wendy's pretzel bacon cheeseburger.  No, I won't be purchasing one again anytime soon (just get shake shack or burger joint, really) but yes the sauce and bacon are absolutely delicious. Yes that is sauce on my lips. Prim and proper, duh.

P.S. Yes I was being lazy hence blurry iphone pics. Just promoting authenticity, you know. Promise I'll shoot a nice close-up of those awkward but oh-so-cool Pleasers though (you can click the link!) they are just so beautiful and un-tacky in real life. I swear. !