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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

hooded tunics with pockets


Hoodie tunic - Tracy Feith for Target | Boots - H&M | Bangle - Chloe & Isabel | Ear Cuff - Charlotte Russe | Backpack - Vera Wang for Kohl's | Heart print tights - Asos

My first purchase from Ebay! The perfect hoodie with pockets combo = my first and foremost love when it comes to throwing something on and running out the door. Which almost never happens by the way. Anyway, was searching "hooded dress" for about two hours and only found this one gem. Definitely worth it. Love the bright print which will make for perfect camouflaging with trees in due time.!!!

Below: attempt #2 at cinemagraph. Cleaned up the moving parts a little but unfortunately the picture just gets annoying blurry and distorted in terms  of color if I blow it up real size, so the little one is below...