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Thursday, October 31, 2013

scarfed up shift dress

Shift dress - Urbanog | Boots - Alice & Olivia for Payless | Jacket - Asos | Scarf - Street vendor | Arm bands - H&M | Bag - Amazon

Somehow woke myself up before 7:30am and dragged the bf out of bed to take sunrise shots. So happy that the pink soles of my boots show (kind of). This Twiggy-esque shift dress arrived really ugly and wrinkly from Urbanog but I hung it up and let it sit for two weeks before I decided not to return it. Figured the shape was boring enough to pass by at work (my closet is broken up into work clothes ie the boring-er stuff and then classic hobovogue ie. thrifted weird edgy strange items / "unique" finds) and those items are hard to come by (for me at least). I hate looking too structured let alone put together but "work-appropriate" has its limits. My circle scarf fetish still exists and my love for this bright coral, skeleton-print cozy friend is no exception; keeping your neck warm is always underrated.I usually don't like structured bags but this one also falls into my "work-appropriate" closet.... guess how much it was?
P.S. Last shot - yes there is a KFC on the corner!!! East Harlem baby.