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Saturday, October 19, 2013

wimpy wimpy shirt

shirt - thrift store | chain belts - random necklaces as belts | boots - barefeetshoes | glasses - nyc street stand | owl earrings - love culture | ring - f21

Woof. This is your very basic, ugly wallpaper-print gray-yellow floral print wimpy grandma shirt. Pretty easy to toss on but not that easy to look good in. Not claiming by any means that I look good in this. In fact the bf told me that the shirt looked funky and that yes, mission hobo was indeed accomplished. Whatevs. I'm thinking of cutting it up and doing some sort of cold shoulder - thing or creating a hood out of the floppy sleeves. Was fun for a 1x wear but don't think I'd wear as-is again. Who knows, I'm pretty lazy.