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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

wasting moonlight - sick individuals ♫ (& lyrics) & rainbow adventure dump

Oh my god, dear blog. I have abandoned you for some time but have SO many retrospective photos and snapshots to share... taking a quick break from work to post some snaps from recent moonlit adventures. (Instagram has become my interim camera as my laziness has prevailed in the past month...) Don't forget to listen to to wasting moonlight (lyrics below). & catching snippets of Lil'Jon turn down for what (#tdfw #tgif #yolo).

Oh yeah. I'm in Boston now. Holla. ☮✌

Like silence is a waste of the lips on your face
Cause we get better with every word we sing, yeah
Well c'mon, open up; give me just one reason 
Why we've seen enough, we're not even close
So c'mon and wake up 
Cause the hours you spend with your eyes closed 
You're just wasting moonlight

Monday, May 19, 2014

perched .

Vintage blush top - thrift store | silk shorts - forever 21 | bag - Proenza Schouler ps11 | sunnies - Céline
Sorry I've been missing for so long! Been attempting to be a "real person" and figure out next steps of my life, which could potentially involve moving cities....!!! EEP. Haven't left NYC in 6 years now, and have only ever lived in one other little town named Sunnyvale, CA (Dr. Oz tells me it's the happiest city in the U.S.)
Anywho. The details of this vintage blush top are too good. Buttoned up ruched sleeves, perfectly semi-sheer, cropped to perfection. <3 $8, waddup. Paired with an old pair of pocketed silk shorts (the best kind - can't live without pockets) and some walking shoes (do you see my bruises from being a general clutz? yeah, gotta give the heels a break.... woof).

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

cement fadeout

Nautical all around but with batwings and bat sunnies. Boat shoes in red; dress in black & white. Trustee Balenciaga bag carrying all sorts of treasures inside. Flutter shudder fly.
Dress - thrift store | Shoes - Forever 21 | Rainbow bracelet - DIY | Bag - Balenciaga 

Thursday, April 24, 2014

rainbow kicks à la payless

Rainbow shoelaces? Check. Neon brights? Check. The perfect spring addition to my wardrobe for some running alongside East River and other exploration initiatives <3 Thank you Payless for creating rainbow running shoes. So weather-perfect, bright and all things happy. :) On par with minion, sprinkles and sparkle delight.

Get your own pair at Payless! :)

Friday, April 11, 2014

find me summer soon

Willing summer to come, and it's almost there! Temperatures at a near high all week :) One of my oldies but favorites, my rainbow, silky & shapeless dress. Paired with some simple ugly plastic sandals that balance out the girliness of the dress a bit, and Miu Miu tagged along :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

spring bloom

Another spring-like day in NYC, and another floral print dress. Love this version by DVF because it's got a bold, playful print offset by the elegant sleeve-drapery and loose cut. Layered over a simple black slip since it's sheer and tied a gold string around my waist to give it more shape. The red trench is a vintage find from the Upper West Side St. Francis Thrift Store perhaps 3 years ago? In immaculate condition when I found it, and even though the sleeves are slightly shorter and truncated, I think it makes for an interesting cut and you can layer sweaters and have a few inches of your sleeve pop out. Totally random but cool. In my books. :)

Coat - Vintage | Boots - UrbanOG | Dress - DVF | Bags - Miu Miu / Balenciaga (Switched mid-day. Ha) | Gloves - East Harlem 99c Store :) | Sunnies - Ebay 

Saturday, April 5, 2014

mirrored sunnie life

Thank god for comfy wedge sneakers. These are AMAZING to walk around all day in (less than 3 inch of a heel) - they're practically like flat sneakers. So perfect when you need to / want to walk and job around the city all day doing errands. NYC is really bipolar this year in terms of waether and how cold it is on any given day, so I always carry a trust beanie around just in case it gets windy (warm ears and feet are the trick to overall coziness/warmth!) Topped off with my too-cool-for-school mirrored sunnies. My pair is from Ebay! For quite the steal at $10. Seriously though, I crush my sunnies so much (I sit on them, smush them in my purse, and complete various other acts of evil against all sunnies that come in my possession, not purposely though...)
Leather Biker Jacket - Current Elliott | Dress - F21 | Leather & Suede Wedges - Asos | Sunnies - Ebay | Cap - 99c Store | Bag - Chanel
Oh and the peasant dress was a gem of a find at the Times Sq F21 one fateful midnight eve of shopping! So amazing. :)

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

red starlet

Found a cool faux-leather wrap skirt the other day at F21 with a moto-inspired feel to it. Been hunting for the "perfect leather jacket" and there are SO many black variations but I still haven't picked which piece to invest in just yet - thinking a Zara leather one but they don't seem to have any right now?? Anyway. Skirt is an oldie but so perfect for any occasion - softest silk-like material, sheer perfection and a happy bright red. Simple Saturday outfit for a (finally) warmer day in NYC :)