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Thursday, January 30, 2014

DIY tote with zipper - Tsumori Chisato!

Do any of you have random totes lying around that you love but don't use that often because you're scared things will fall out of it? Here's my hobo solution - just add a zipper!

How do you sew a zipper onto a tote? Simple :) Just need a needle, a zipper long enough to line the top of the top, some sewing thread and a lot of patience. I got my supplies from (where else) the dollar store around the corner, ($1 for a sewing kit) and my 12" zipper came from the crafts store a few blocks away for $2. The featured tote is an Ebay find - a colorful, perfectly "hobovogue" Tsumori Chisato tote. I fell in love with it the second I saw it - it has a beautifully complex print of florals, fauna and random figures scattered throughout the tote in an irreplicable design. I'm guessing that the tote was originally some sort of makeup bag - who knows? I feel like I've given it a new identity by sewing a zipper on it - so much handier now that I don't need to worry about little items falling out of it!
This was before my tote got all zipped up....

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

pre-yoga sunshine

I finally bought myself a Yoga mat! It's a Gaiam (thanks Amazon), 5mm thick. I actually haven't used it yet - was on my way to yoga on Sunday but was called back to work, probably about 4 times. It was so sunny yet so frigid out, so dressed myself in bright colors on my inner jacket (worn solely for its rainbow purposes - there's no warmth from this silky jacket), layered over a Uniqlo heattech crew neck (SO perfect for keeping me warm), and threw on over my fur-trim leather jacket. The white washed pants with zippers are my new favorite pants! I really don't own many pairs - this is probably the 3rd pair in my closet. Aimee from songofstyle always wears pants so well so I guess I've been newly inspired. So am I wearing headphones or earmuffs?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

watercolor scarf belt and skirt

This beautiful, flow blue watercolor skirt was spotted at my local thrift store, so I scooped it up, wore it over my too-tight mesh cutout shimmer dress (yes it's a dress, not a top!) and tied my bluish-purple silk scarf over it. Balancing black with bright pops of color during the winter makes it feel less cold, doesn't it? Finished off with my faux-fur hoodie, some plasti-crystal earrings and my ancient Steve Madden booties (hello, 2009). Oh, and the newest hobovogue family member - Chanel, the Swarovski-chocolate bar black bag. :)

Sunday, January 19, 2014

chanel-esque white x envy green

My Chanel-esque white suit arrived! I don't like the black one as much so might just give it to my coworker who fell in love with the quilted, chain-trimmed jacket. This suit jacket is all about the details, and the trim on this faux leather and leopard lining just make me swoon :) Paired with a vintage silk print blouse, green alligator gladiator wedges, black cap beanie and my Chanel backpack (the best investment piece!)

Thursday, January 16, 2014

chunky leopard mary-janes and the little plaid dress

Times Square (NYC) Forever 21 is a lifesaver - they're open until 2 am almost every night. I work some pretty crazy hours (why I'm only a weekend "mini-adventurer" =\) so when I need major retail therapy, I can thank the butterflies that I can waddle over to the giant shopping space. I spotted these gray platform leopard mary-janes on the leftover / uglies rack (ie. clearance) and didn't even bother trying them on. Guess how much they were?

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Debenhams Challenge: Day and Evening Looks

This is the dream evening look I picked out for the Debenhams Challenge [you should all enter to win £500 to pick out your favorite items]! For this look, I styled a multicolor sheer blouse with some faux leather skinny pants for an elegant yet edgy look. Layer on a silver cutout necklace and chained diamante belt for a fancy accent and throw on strappy sandals, grab your satin framed clutch and you're good to go :) I love functional outfits when I'm out in NYC and actually prefer pants to dresses - you can look so polished and chic but not have to worry about your dress blowing up. & of course, some CHANEL liquid liner, polish and eyeshadow doesn't hurt ;)

Friday, January 10, 2014

blurred lines and sunshine

Usually I dress in an abundance of color, but once in a while it's just simpler to throw on a black outfit and accessorize with tiny pops of color here and there. Wore this Banana Republic velvet and wool mixed media black dress (old) over black tights with my trusty black wedges from Forever 21. This shift dress is actually one of my favorite work-appropriate dresses and I probably wear it too often - the silhouette is just so flattering (even on a bloated tummy day), and so simple to toss on while looking decently put-together without trying too hard.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The $37 Chanel-Inspired Suit: Acquired.

Found this Chanel-inspired "total look": an amazing quilted faux-leather, chain-trimmed suit, in both black and white for 50% off at Love Culture (link here for the jacket and here for the skirt). Oh. My. God. The description says it's lined in leopard... I am beyond excited. Drooled extensively over this and immediately ordered one of each color. Impulsive? Maybe. Chanel-lust satiated for the time being? Very much so =) So what do you all think - white or black?

Monday, January 6, 2014

bubble chair dreaming

Cobalt hawaii silk shorts and faux alligator platform wedges could have been really cool, until I realized it was iced-out-slippery outside. Switched into some Hunters so I wouldn't slip and die during my mini-adventuring / trekking through Washington Heights (who actually does that nowadays? I do!) and stumbled upon VS Berry in Inwood. Behold the bubble chair glory.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

running errands in rainbow

Hello, rainbow aztec print hoodie & fur-lined (real) suede jacket ($20 steal!!) from the thrift shop =) Had to run a few errands today, including running to the post office a few blocks up and decided to stay cozy in thigh highs. I have probably 7 pairs of these leg-warming boots, 4 in black, 1 in white and 1 in tan. I guess that's really 6. Not the point. Thigh highs are just really, really handy when the weather is too cold and you don't own enough pairs of tailored pants that won't be snow or rain-damaged without a good pair of stilletos, so thigh highs + skirt combo to the rescue! Particularly in cold weather. :)

Saturday, January 4, 2014

what you will discover will be yourself

Fortune cookie message told me today that "what you will discover will be yourself". Included below is also a tiny little candelight photo for all my readers :) Announcing the rafflecopter / Pour La Victoire handbag giveaway - congratulations Bertina N! I have already sent you an email so hopefully can mail out your little present tomorrow :)

Thursday, January 2, 2014

meet the Alexander McQueen Elvie

I am proud to announce that this beautiful silver paisley Alexander McQueen Elvie bag is now happily sitting with me chez la maison de hobovogue! :) If you follow me on instagram you'll know I actually received it prior to the holidays, but felt like posting some old photos up just to share with you all. The bag is extremely roomie but is structured (hard case), something I'm not so used to just yet but am warming up to. It's just so naturally elegant and catches the light in all of the folds and pockets of the leather and I have Ebay to thank (again) for this amazing find. To be completely honest, I've been searching years for the Legend bag in glossy red from the fall 2008 collection, but have not yet found it :[ (see below).


Wednesday, January 1, 2014

a hobo happy new year :)

Happy New Year & welcome 2014! I am completely outfitted from the local thrift shop today. Well, minus my Uniqlo Heattech heather gray crew neck under my new favorite rainbow tunic! It's a size 2X but sometimes that works with floaty sheer rainbow things that I'll wear regardless of fit. Feels like I'm wearing a painting :)
I found these suede/leather boots in my size too :) I ended up spending 2 or 3 hours browsing around (the owners of the store love me so much and recognize me as the crazy girl who tries anything and everything on ... ie. they kept the store open til 9:20pm on NYE for me!) before heading out on NYE.