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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

wasting moonlight - sick individuals ♫ (& lyrics) & rainbow adventure dump

Oh my god, dear blog. I have abandoned you for some time but have SO many retrospective photos and snapshots to share... taking a quick break from work to post some snaps from recent moonlit adventures. (Instagram has become my interim camera as my laziness has prevailed in the past month...) Don't forget to listen to to wasting moonlight (lyrics below). & catching snippets of Lil'Jon turn down for what (#tdfw #tgif #yolo).

Oh yeah. I'm in Boston now. Holla. ☮✌

Like silence is a waste of the lips on your face
Cause we get better with every word we sing, yeah
Well c'mon, open up; give me just one reason 
Why we've seen enough, we're not even close
So c'mon and wake up 
Cause the hours you spend with your eyes closed 
You're just wasting moonlight


  1. Haha, welcome backs! Almost all of the photos are full of colour, heh! Love it! X

    Chic Nikkie

  2. Coolest photo collection ever!! Way to return to the blogosphere with a "Bang!!" ;)

  3. Very fun pics!

  4. Loving the colours in your photos, especially the ones you've taken from the airplane. Beautiful scenery!

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  5. your photos give me a vibe i can't explain... in a good way :)
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  6. Cool sunglasses!

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  8. Cool photos.